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  • Submission of Social inquiry reports to court and other state organs
  • Supervision of offenders in the community
  • Empowerment of offenders with skills for self-sustenance

Probation and After Care Service is a government department in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, State Department for Correctional Services. We provide advisory reports to court and other agencies for the purpose of determining bail and bond terms and for decision-making on sentencing and release of offenders. We also supervise, resettle, reintegrate and rehabilitate offenders serving various non-custodial sentences in the community. In the management of offenders, we work with victims of crime and the public in ensuring public-safety. We invite you to know more about us as you peruse our website. 

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Probation and After Care Service on 20th August 2020 joined stakeholders in the official launch of the Probation Art Competition project in Nairobi. The competition, themed ‘Probation: A New Beginning’ is the concept for the art project featuring children under supervision in Probation and After Care Service. The children will be sharing their personal experiences of the justice system through creative expression in the form of drawings, paintings and collages. The competition is a joint initiative of Probation and Aftercare Service (PACS), European Union (EU) and United Nations Office on Drugs and

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On 21st January 2020, PACS joined various stakeholders to validate the Child Care and Protection Officers Program (CCPO) Training Module 1 at a workshop in Nairobi. The CCPO program was started in 2009 to enhance the coordination of Juvenile Justice Agencies for better treatment and care of child offenders. This was after a survey was conducted among the agencies to assess the knowledge and skills of officers in handling child offenders. The workshop aimed at revising the first Module, which draws its guidelines from various Juvenile Justice Agencies and international instruments for eventual implementation.


Probation and After Care Service on 5th December 2019 took part in the International Volunteer Day (IVD) celebrations in Nairobi. The volunteer festival, which was themed ‘Volunteer for an inclusive future’ drew participation from the National Government, Counties and Non-Governmental Volunteer Agencies. During the festival, the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Hon. Abdul Bahari acknowledged the support by the United Nations towards the development of the National Volunteer Policy. This Policy is an important tool that will help in providing guidelines on effective coordination and sustenance of volunteerism in the Country. 

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