Sunday, September 25, 2022

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The Siaya Probation Female Hostel had the chance to host the Hon. Lady Justice Jessie Lesiit, Judge of the High Court of Kenya and Head of Criminal Division, Nairobi and Chair of the Bail and Bond Policy Guidelines Implementation Committee. The purpose of the visit was for the Committee to familiarise itself with the probation facility and monitor the progress of the probationers housed in the facility.

Siaya Probation Female Hostel in a new facility that houses offenders placed on probation orders but who cannot return to the community immediately owing to many reasons. The tactility houses special needs offenders some of whom have committed very serious offences for which ordinarily they would service stiff imprisonment terms. 

Lady Justice Lesiit commended that staff at the facility for the good work that were doing. She acknowledged the critical role played by the Probation Officers in court and in the lives of the offenders under their supervision. She advised that judicial officers need to familiarise themselves with the various programmes in the holding facilities for the offenders aside from doing so as provided by law when monitoring he facilities as visiting justices. She cautioned the offenders in the hostel not return to their wayward past but choose the path to self-respect and crime free life.

The Judge was received by the Siaya Probation County Director Mr. Philip Nyagigo and the Hostel Manager Mrs. Grace Odera-Ojung’a who illuminated on the genesis of the hostel, programmes undertaken and the challenges currently being experienced in the hostel. The manager stated that the majority of offenders at the facility had children or were committed while pregnant. She also informed the visiting committee that the traumatic personal antecedents of the offenders coupled with the complexities of the crimes they were convicted for, posed serious rehabilitation demand for the few staff in the facility.

Justice Lesiit was accompanied by Clement Okech who is the Secretary of the Bail and Bond Policy Guidelines Implementation Committee.

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