Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Article 1 2018The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Regional Office for Eastern Africa together with the department of Probation and Aftercare Service launched a one year project whose aim is to help the government improve its capacity in addressing incidences of serious and violent crimes. The project activities will help boost the department’s capacity of handling such cases by way of developing resource documents and trainings.

The project has since enlisted the services of two consultants, Dr. Scholastica Omondi and Dr. Beneah Mutsotso to help develop two key service instruments. Dr. Omondi will spearhead the development of a policy framework and operational guidelines for supervision of accused persons released on bail. While Dr. Mutsotso will design and develop intensive supervision programme that includes an electronic monitoring component.

These activities are pursuant to the requirement in the National Bail and Bond Policy Guidelines developed by the National Council on the Administration of Justice in 2015 which provides that bail supervision be undertaken by the department of Probation and Aftercare Service. They also respond to the demand for offender accountability.

In a recent meeting with the consultants, the Director of Probation Service Mrs. Mary Mbau expressed the government’s readiness in the implementation of the project which is set to benefit the entire criminal justice sector. Through the consultants, the project will engage probation officers, judicial officers and other stakeholders.

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