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Article 72016The long serving Director of Probation and Aftercare Service Mr. J.W.O.Oloo, OGW, retired from Public Service with effect from 11th November 2016. Mr. Oloo has had an illustrious probation career spanning more that 32 years of service. Mrs Mary Mbau has taken over the leadership of the department until the position is substantively filled by the Public Service Commission of Kenya.

During a farewell party organized in his honour, the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Correctional Service Mr. Micah Powon exalted the outgoing director as an achiever, dedicated, passionate and exemplary public servant whose contribution in the promotion of alternatives to imprisonment will remain unmatched for a long time to come. He attributed some of the successes realised in the State Department directly to effort of the Probation Service under the leadership of Mr. Oloo. In the same function, The Commissioner General of the Kenya Prisons Service  Mr. Isaya Osugo poured praise on Mr. Oloo as a colleague who was admired by many and whose contribution in offender management will be missed.

Mr. Oloo ascended to the helm of the department on 1st September 2005 rising from the position of deputy director of probation. Probation and Aftercare Service has seen tremendous growth in all fields in the last 10 years under his watch. Mr. Oloo will be remembered as having steered the department from being a small player in the justice chain into being a cog that it now is and playing a critical position in the criminal justice administration. His legacy cannot be gainsaid. The Service has evolved in many fields. From expansion of human resource establishment of probation officers of less than three hundred in 2005 to now over 900 (with additional recruitment of 300 in the offing), to ensuring upward movement and promotions of officers within all the ranks and,   improvement of office infrastructure where modern office blocks now dot the countryside to enhancing the image of the department within the sector and internationally. He has left a restructured Probation Service with the creation of 11 regional offices to be headed by Regional Coordinators for ease of administration and coordination of services. The headquarters was also restructured to bolster both the administrative and technical components of the Probation Service.

Mr. Oloo has left a rich human resource capacity, cohesive outfit and a robust department able to steer the expansion and further development of alternatives to imprisonment in Kenya and beyond.

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