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pix3His Excellency the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H on 7th February 2014 launched the Fifth wave of the Rapid Response Initiative 2014 at the KICC Grounds. In line with Vision 2030, the Government is committed to improve security in order to achieve the strategic aim of ‘a society free from danger and fear’.

It is expected that within 100 days, security in the country would have generally improved. Among the ten thematic areas to be embarked upon, Probation Department is expected to focus on the area of Crime Reduction. 

The security challenge to be tackled by the Department is: ‘weak supervision of offenders and lack of community participation’. Hence the main objective will be strengthening compliance with non-custodial court orders and penal release sanctions by: providing quality pre-release assessment reports to penal institutions, reducing absconding through offender surveillance, increasing community participation in offender surveillance, engaging non-custodial offenders on CSO flagship projects in selected areas, and profiling of warrants of arrest.

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