Monday, August 15, 2022

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Probation and Aftercare Service has been facilitating the exercise of reviewing prisoners’ sentences to help reduce the penal population of already congested prisons. The exercise which targets ten thousand inmates, has seen the engagement of Probation Officers countrywide in preparation of Sentence Review Reports and in supervision of offenders whose sentences have been reviewed. The exercise, which is a proactive measure, is set to create relief in many penal facilities. At the onset, many penal institutions were overcrowded by petty and non-

serious offenders who would otherwise have served their sentences in the community. But with the coordination of Community Service Orders Secretariat, it is expected that many prisoners will serve their sentences in the community, particularly under Community Service Orders Programme. Community Service Orders is a unique programme that seeks to benefit both the community through reparative work performed by the offender on one hand; and on the other hand, benefit the offender through reintegration, on-the-job skills transfer and rehabilitation. A Community Service Order is a court order that requires that an offender to perform unpaid public work in the community. It is hoped that frequent and deliberate exercises geared towards offloading inmates from penal facilities will eventually lead to decongested penal facilities.

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