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Article 32017His Excellency the President on Jamuhuri Day, 12th December 2015 awarded the Elder of the Order of the Burning Spear (EBS) to Prof. Jennifer Wanjiku Kaniaru Khamasi and, Head of State Commendation (HSC-C) to Janet Mbithe Munywoki. These awards were presented by Mr. Micah Powon, Principal Secretary, State Department of Correctional Services to the laureates in community corrections.

During the presentation of the award, Prof. Khamasi indicated that her motivation to work with juvenile offenders was as a result of the need to reach out to vulnerable and unwanted children in the community. Prof. Khamasi has been supporting the Kimumu Probation Hostel, Eldoret where she is a member of the management committee. Through her efforts, the Institution now has an equipped library and scheduled learning programmes for the youthful offenders.

Mrs. Munywoki, the Executive Director of Legal Resources Foundation put forward that through her partnership with Probation and Aftercare Service, she has been able to bring change in communities in reintegration of offenders. Ms. Munywoki has been supporting with the Department for over 14 years where her passion to reach out to vulnerable offenders has seen been a consistent pursuit to make society a better place for all.

Article 12017On 3rd February 2017 five (5) Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) paid a courtesy call to the Probation Department accompanied by Ms Satsuki Fukai the Coordinator for Volunteer Programme, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Kenya.

The volunteers were received by Mr. Siambe, the Deputy Director of Probation Service at the Probation Headquarters. During the visit discussions were made on engagement of the JOCVs with Probation Officers together with JICA consultants to improve service delivery.

The JOVCs who possess diverse academic and career backgrounds had been dispatched to work in Thika, Nakuru, Bungoma and Kisumu Probation Offices for the next two years. Although Kenya was the first African country to receive JOCVs in 1966, this is the first time the Department is welcoming volunteers in specialized areas of Probation work. The Department looks forward to input form the volunteers in the field of data management, supervision and rehabilitation of offenders.

Article 62016The Department in partnership with the Law Society of Kenya’s project funded by the Canadian Bar Association, Strengthening Access to Justice for Children and Youth in East Africa (SAJCYEA) conducted its first training on the newly developed risk and needs assessment tool for children and juvenile. The three day Train the Trainer workshop, held from 16th to 18th May 2016, was attended by Probation Officers who had special interest in children and youth affairs. The workshop held at the ACK Guest House in Nairobi, marked yet another major step towards implementing reforms in the Kenyan probation practice. The need to use scientific based solutions in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of young offenders was emphasized as this would reduce recidivism.

Ms Jennifer Khor, Project Director, International Initiatives of the Canadian Bar Association, praised the pivotal role of Probation Kenya in the partnership stating that the planned project activities in Kenya had run smoothly save for resource constraints. The workshop was also graced by Judge LaRochelle, a practicing judge from the Alberta Canadian who reiterated the importance of using scientific tools to inform social inquiry reports. Emphasis was further laid by trainer Lee Tustin, Child and Youth Advocate, Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, Ontario, Ms Lee Tustin, on the importance of using scientifically tools to aid in objective decision making. The assessment tool will be piloted for analysis of its performance before it is rolled out. Kenya’s juvenile and youthful offenders are set to benefit from the use of the tool, as Probation Officers will provide correct individualized treatment programmes based on the assessment of risks and needs. Resultantly, it is envisaged that repeat contact with the justice system will in the future be reduced.

Article 72016The long serving Director of Probation and Aftercare Service Mr. J.W.O.Oloo, OGW, retired from Public Service with effect from 11th November 2016. Mr. Oloo has had an illustrious probation career spanning more that 32 years of service. Mrs Mary Mbau has taken over the leadership of the department until the position is substantively filled by the Public Service Commission of Kenya.

During a farewell party organized in his honour, the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Correctional Service Mr. Micah Powon exalted the outgoing director as an achiever, dedicated, passionate and exemplary public servant whose contribution in the promotion of alternatives to imprisonment will remain unmatched for a long time to come. He attributed some of the successes realised in the State Department directly to effort of the Probation Service under the leadership of Mr. Oloo. In the same function, The Commissioner General of the Kenya Prisons Service  Mr. Isaya Osugo poured praise on Mr. Oloo as a colleague who was admired by many and whose contribution in offender management will be missed.

Mr. Oloo ascended to the helm of the department on 1st September 2005 rising from the position of deputy director of probation. Probation and Aftercare Service has seen tremendous growth in all fields in the last 10 years under his watch. Mr. Oloo will be remembered as having steered the department from being a small player in the justice chain into being a cog that it now is and playing a critical position in the criminal justice administration. His legacy cannot be gainsaid. The Service has evolved in many fields. From expansion of human resource establishment of probation officers of less than three hundred in 2005 to now over 900 (with additional recruitment of 300 in the offing), to ensuring upward movement and promotions of officers within all the ranks and,   improvement of office infrastructure where modern office blocks now dot the countryside to enhancing the image of the department within the sector and internationally. He has left a restructured Probation Service with the creation of 11 regional offices to be headed by Regional Coordinators for ease of administration and coordination of services. The headquarters was also restructured to bolster both the administrative and technical components of the Probation Service.

Mr. Oloo has left a rich human resource capacity, cohesive outfit and a robust department able to steer the expansion and further development of alternatives to imprisonment in Kenya and beyond.

Article 52016The Director of Probation Service, Mr. J.W.O.Oloo,OGW on 9th May 2016 bid farewell to Mr. Yusuke Morimoto the outgoing Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) volunteer at the Probation Headquarters in Nairobi. The JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOVC) programme oversees the dispatch of volunteers from Japan to over 87 countries of which Kenya is beneficiary. Probation Department has received volunteers in the various sectors who give their time to training young people in conflict with the law or at risk of engaging in crime.

The Director commended Mr. Morimoto’s work at the Probation Community Resource and Training Centers in Likoni and Webuye where he volunteered as a computer instructor for close to three years. The knowledge and skills gained by youths at these institutions help them gain a better position in finding gainful employment thus deterring them from crime. During the send off, Mr. Morimoto recounted his cultural experience of Kenya as being of diversity and flexibility compared to that of his home country. During his stay he learnt the importance of team work and improvisation where resources were inadequate. The JICA JOCV Coordinator in Kenya Ms Satsuki Fukaiexpressed her willingness to send other suitable volunteers to assist the department meet some of its obligations.

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