Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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Mary W. Mbau (Mrs.), HSC
Secretary, Probation and After Care Service


Christine O. Obondi, (PHD)
Director, Supervision of Offenders 


Hannah Maingi
Deputy Director, Court Services Section

Philip Ntabo
Deputy Director, Community Service Orders, Projects and Work Agencies Section

Hitler Ogenche
Deputy Director, Research, Statistics and Development Section

Boniface Muindu
Deputy Director, Aftercare and Probation Institutions Section

Kennedy Odipo
Deputy Director, Technical Administration Section

Clement Okech, OGW
Deputy Director, Rehabilitation, Treatment of Offenders and Crime Prevention Section

Joshua Wairuhi
Deputy Director, Community Service Order Compliance Section

Patrick Aruyaru
Deputy Director, Power of Mercy, Special Category Criminals and Youth Offenders Section

Felisina Ndwiga
Deputy Director, Monitoring & Evaluatin, and Quality Assurance Section

Pamela Masese,
Deputy Director, Human Resource Development Section

Our Contacts

Probation and After Care Service Headquarters
A: Taifa Road, Reinsurance Plaza Building
P. O. Box 42335-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
P: +254-020-2652335/ 3311303 /2215658/ 2240057/ 2224016/ 722-104621/ 104623