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Article 62016The Department in partnership with the Law Society of Kenya’s project funded by the Canadian Bar Association, Strengthening Access to Justice for Children and Youth in East Africa (SAJCYEA) conducted its first training on the newly developed risk and needs assessment tool for children and juvenile. The three day Train the Trainer workshop, held from 16th to 18th May 2016, was attended by Probation Officers who had special interest in children and youth affairs. The workshop held at the ACK Guest House in Nairobi, marked yet another major step towards implementing reforms in the Kenyan probation practice. The need to use scientific based solutions in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of young offenders was emphasized as this would reduce recidivism.

Ms Jennifer Khor, Project Director, International Initiatives of the Canadian Bar Association, praised the pivotal role of Probation Kenya in the partnership stating that the planned project activities in Kenya had run smoothly save for resource constraints. The workshop was also graced by Judge LaRochelle, a practicing judge from the Alberta Canadian who reiterated the importance of using scientific tools to inform social inquiry reports. Emphasis was further laid by trainer Lee Tustin, Child and Youth Advocate, Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, Ontario, Ms Lee Tustin, on the importance of using scientifically tools to aid in objective decision making. The assessment tool will be piloted for analysis of its performance before it is rolled out. Kenya’s juvenile and youthful offenders are set to benefit from the use of the tool, as Probation Officers will provide correct individualized treatment programmes based on the assessment of risks and needs. Resultantly, it is envisaged that repeat contact with the justice system will in the future be reduced.

Article 52016The Director of Probation Service, Mr. J.W.O.Oloo,OGW on 9th May 2016 bid farewell to Mr. Yusuke Morimoto the outgoing Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) volunteer at the Probation Headquarters in Nairobi. The JICA Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOVC) programme oversees the dispatch of volunteers from Japan to over 87 countries of which Kenya is beneficiary. Probation Department has received volunteers in the various sectors who give their time to training young people in conflict with the law or at risk of engaging in crime.

The Director commended Mr. Morimoto’s work at the Probation Community Resource and Training Centers in Likoni and Webuye where he volunteered as a computer instructor for close to three years. The knowledge and skills gained by youths at these institutions help them gain a better position in finding gainful employment thus deterring them from crime. During the send off, Mr. Morimoto recounted his cultural experience of Kenya as being of diversity and flexibility compared to that of his home country. During his stay he learnt the importance of team work and improvisation where resources were inadequate. The JICA JOCV Coordinator in Kenya Ms Satsuki Fukaiexpressed her willingness to send other suitable volunteers to assist the department meet some of its obligations.

The Hon. Chief Justice Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga on 10th March 2016 gazetted the Taskforce on Informal Justice Systems mandated to develop a policy to mainstream into the formal justice system traditional, informal justice systems and other informal mechanisms used to access to justice in Kenya. The nineteen member taskforce whose secretariat will be based at the Judiciary Training Institute (JTI) is Chaired by Justice Prof Joel Ngugi. The taskforce draws members from Government and non-governmental organisations and is tasked to formulate an appropriate judicial policy on Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) and is to consider the methodology and viability of mainstreaming the same.

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The Principal Secretary, State Department of Correctional Services Mr. Micah Powon, on 31st March 2016 met with the senior management of Probation and Aftercare Service at the Nakuru Probation Girls Hostel, Nakuru. The purpose of the meeting was to review the Department’s performance in the current financial year and address some of their concerns and challenges. In his key note address to the County Probation Directors, the Principal Secretary laid emphasis on the important role the Department was playing in reducing prison population as part of addressing challenges in the justice sector. He noted that the Department’s vantage position in the criminal justice system and the community was vital in assisting courts make informed decisions in relation to bail, bond and sentencing. He pointed out that reduction of the penal

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The Department has signed a significant agreement with the County Governments touching on supervision of offenders in the community. The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Probation and Aftercare service and the County Government took place on 10th March 2016 at Naivasha, under the auspices of the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ). The Director of Probation Service Mr. J. W. O. Oloo (OGW) together with the National Community Service Orders Committee Chairman Hon. Justice Luka Kimaru signed the memorandum with the Chairman of the Council of Governors Mr. Peter Munya on behalf of the forty seven (47) County Governments. The MoU is the agreement that will govern supervision of offenders under the community service orders programme in the County.

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